December 10, 2018 / by adamhaf

Why Parents Choose Online Tuition

Considering online tutoring?

The number of parents choosing online tuition for their children is growing each year, and education experts predict that the day will come when most or all lessons are delivered online.


The Open University were the first to offer online tutoring in 1998. Today, websites offer personal online tutoring by fully qualified teachers, helping children to succeed in the competitive entrance examinations to leading independent and day schools.

So, without further ado, here are three reasons you should choose online learning:


1. Delivering the very best, fully qualified teachers to you and your child ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! Wherever you are in the world, you can access the very best teachers at the click of a button. In fact, using free software like Skype or Zoom, your child can connect with his or her favourite tutor in seconds.

Going away on holiday and want to keep your child’s studies going?

Online tuition is the answer

Moving abroad and concerned that your child will miss out on a British Education?

Online tuition is the answer

Looking for the expertise of a fully qualified teacher?

Online tuition is the answer


2. No more hassle

Students simply connect with their tutor at the click of a button . So no more travelling to tuition centers or having to endlessly search for another new tutor.


3. It really works!

Children love it and so they get a learning boost. When children are enjoying the learning process, when they feel engaged with it, they learn best. A familiar online environment where children can actively engage with their tutor on an interactive whiteboard suits them down to the ground.

Bemytutor connects children to expert tutors in a virtual space that they can truly relate to. So consider giving online tutoring a try, and watch your child thrive. Parents can book a free educational consultation to find out more about online learning for your child here: Free Personal Online Consultation


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  • Sam December 11, 2018

    Thanks for the positive feedback Sam!

  • Sam December 11, 2018

    Online tuition worked a dream for my children. I preferred it to the tutor who used to visit our house

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