Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do lessons cost?

Please call or email us to discuss prices. Discounts are available for booking blocks of lessons. 

How is online teaching delivered?

Our online tutors use Skype or Zoom to connect with your child and deliver an interactive online lesson. Using a custom-made interactive whiteboard and a collaborative teaching space, we work through the curriculum together. Each lesson is tailored to your child’s educational needs and incorporates the very latest web-based education tools to enhance the learning experience.

What subjects do you teach?

We offer online tutoring in all subjects at all age levels.

Do you set homework?

Follow-up activities are set after each lesson. Homework activities are adapted to each child’s educational goals and answers are provided. 

Do you provide feedback to parents?

Time is always allocated to feed back to you on your child’s progress; we value input from parents and see it as an integral part of the online tuition we offer. 

Can I change the time of a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances?

If you are able to give us 24 hours notice, we will find a new time for your online tutoring lesson. Lessons can be cancelled if at least 24 hours notice is provided.

Will the first online lesson run smoothly?

Adam will talk you through the process and demonstrate how an online tuition lesson works. It is incredibly simple and we will be ready to get started in a matter of seconds!

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Flexible lessons

We can cover one or more subjects during each hour lesson; we will always tailor the teaching to you and your child

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